Company Overview

SESCO Enterprises is a FERC-registered Power Marketer with offices in Pennsylvania. We engage in the proprietary trading of short-term, liquid electricity products in the U.S. wholesale electricity markets. Additionally, SESCO trades electricity and other energy future products in CFTC-regulated futures markets. Since inception in 2002 SESCO has enjoyed strong year-over-year financial performance. SESCO plans to leverage this solid foundation and experience to extend its successful track-record and advance the new company vision founded on innovation, continuous improvement, and organizational excellence.

Operating Philosophy

At SESCO we operate with the utmost integrity and commitment to ethical conduct. We hold each other to the highest standards of honesty and transparency with our internal working relationships and external interactions. We diligently adhere to all regulatory and professional standards of conduct promulgated by our industry.

We expect a strong sense of commitment and dedication from every member of our organization. Our formula for success is founded on strength of team and the belief that "We are all in this together." As one of our principals has said, "At SESCO, we roll up our sleeves and check our egos at the door." As such, we cultivate a collegial, entrepreneurial work environment based on mutual respect where every employee is valued as a stakeholder and contributor to success.

We believe it is this combination of integrity, teamwork, professionalism, and dedication that will fuel our vision to grow trading volumes, product offerings, geographic footprint, and returns on deployed capital.


SESCO is a conservative trading and risk management company engaging in the proprietary trading of wholesale electricity products. SESCO employs risk-mitigated strategies with a proven track record generating higher than market return for our investors, shareholders, and stakeholders. We respect our relationships with each other, our customers, and the environment in which we work and live.

SESCO leverages our inherent industry expertise, quantitative analysis, & technology to cultivate differentiated trading strategies to maximize market opportunity and encapsulate risk. We are passionate about innovation and continually evolve our trading strategies to enhance market liquidity, price transparency, and consumer choice in wholesale electricity markets.

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