Quantitative Research

Our Quantitative Researchers are dedicated to a research-oriented approach to answering the challenging questions facing our industry. The Quants work in close collaborative engagement with the Traders and Engineering teams to develop and implement solutions through flexible and efficient processes. Quantitative Research requires the curiosity to find novel approaches to problem-solving and the courage to implement these new and innovative methods.


Trading and market-related professionals are required to blend the expertise of a practitioner with the discipline and technical expertise of a researcher. Through a combination of developing and executing quantitative strategies and leveraging market knowledge into skilled discretionary decision-making, our Traders continuously strive for innovative solutions to market challenges. All of this occurs in a highly collaborative team-based environment where risk management and best practices sit at the core of how we operate as a company.


The Engineers develop solutions in a flexible and iterative way working closely with our Research Teams and Traders. By continuously working to implement innovative technologies, our engineers develop solutions that maintain our core principals of creativity and discipline.

Weather Prediction

The weather prediction Team at SESCO understands and practices the core foundations of forecasting while blending predictive modeling and advanced industry quantitative approaches into our processes. The team collaborates closely across the organization to help define the risks to fundamental features impacting our markets.

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Since 2002, SESCO’s team has been comprised of individuals with relevant, diverse and complementary backgrounds which include the following:

  • Strong industry domain expertise, inside market knowledge (generation, dispatch, transmission, distribution), and deep understanding of the physical characteristics of the electricity market.
  • Strong fundamental market analysis skills, including in-house meteorologists.
  • Large financial institution expertise in the areas of trading, operations and systems development.