The Power of SESCO

About Us

SESCO Enterprises, LLC is a proprietary energy trading firm trading across the deregulated electricity markets in the United States with over 20 years of consistently above-market returns.

SESCO’s portfolio construction and risk management is based upon a dynamic simulation-based approach to understanding the physical state of the US electrical grid. This simulation requires the integration of predictive modeling to formulate an understanding of the stochastic features that drive market prices and outcomes.

SESCO demands a research-oriented approach in all that we do with a focus on portfolio optimization and risk management. We thrive in a culture of innovation, oriented toward systematizing the decision-making process and converting ideas and principles into models eliminating opportunities for error. Innovation and process improvement are necessarily executed in a highly iterative and collaborative manner with continuous feedback as we strive to optimize results.

SESCO Enterprises, LLC

Operating Philosophy

SESCO is dedicated to operating with the utmost integrity and commitment to ethical conduct. We hold each other to the highest standards of honesty and transparency with our internal working relationships and external interactions. SESCO demands commitment and dedication from every member of our organization and is firmly grounded in an entrepreneurial work environment based on mutual respect and high levels of collaboration.