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Jeffrey D. Erdely
Michael J. Schubiger
James Thoresen
Jeffrey D. Erdely
Managing Director — Trader

Jeff began his power career in 1990 with Allegheny Power as a Planning Engineer. Over the next six years, he worked in four different area field divisions. His responsibilities included the planning and budgeting for area power growth including upgrading and/or new installations of substations and transmission lines.

In 1996, Jeff moved to the central office and was part of a team who purchased and implemented a customer outage analysis system. This provided him with experience in identifying and implementing a computer system to solve customers' needs.

From September 1997 to December 2001, Jeff traded around Allegheny's generation fleet and arbitraged power by physically scheduling in ECAR, MAIN, MAPP, SERC, PJM and NY on an hourly and daily basis. Jeff also sold bilateral contracts at the PJM Western Hub on a balance of the day and Day Ahead basis. During this time he became extremely familiar with PJM's market model and physical scheduling requirements through active participation in many of the PJM market training courses. From December 2001 to April 2002, Jeff administered the trading and hedging strategies for Allegheny's generation fleet and load using PJM's Two Settlement Market, congestion management, and hourly market that helped optimize Allegheny's unique position as a border PJM control area. He also actively traded the PJM Western Hub balance of the day financial and physical market.

From April 2002 to January 2003, Jeff helped to manage and fully integrate Allegheny's generation and load in the newly formed PJM West control area. He was responsible for offering the generation and buying the load day ahead, developing pricing strategies for the various types of generation (coal, pump storage, hydro, and natural gas), and helped to develop asset optimization tools.

Jeff obtained a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University with an emphasis on power flows.

Michael J. Schubiger
President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Schubiger enrolled in the United States Marines after high school. In the military, Mr. Schubiger's specialty was logistics. During and after his completion of military service Mr. Schubiger attended Thomas Edison State College where he majored in business and accounting. In 1996 Mr. Schubiger received a professional certificate from New York University in Commodity Trading. During the last 5 years Mr. Schubiger has attended many courses on risk management, credit, ISDA and other legal documents, finance and management courses.

Mr. Schubiger started his career in 1989 and has worked in many roles (Accounting clerk to Executive Management) with Amerada Hess, TOSCO Corporation, Banque Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Allegheny Energy, Bank of America and now SESCO Enterprises, LLC. Mr. Schubiger has extensive experience in accounting, refining and power plant operations, supply and distribution, middle and back office operations, project management and system deployment, and trading and risk management operations. Mr. Schubiger has specialized in start up and re-engineering efforts for all of his employers. Mr. Schubiger was directly involved in training and educating all the supporting departments (credit, finance, risk management, legal, audit, and compliance) in refining and power trading, operations and the role of an energy marketer.

In his spare time Mr. Schubiger enjoys spending time with his family (wife and 3 children), hacking/playing golf, reading and working out.

James Thoresen
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

James Thoresen, is SESCO's COO and CFO. His experience includes 17 years of senior operation and finance positions with several fortune 200 investment banking organizations. For the last two years Mr. Thoresen was integral in planning, executing, and managing the number one rated provider of financial risk management solutions at Bank of America. He also has vast experience with new product development, system enhancements, and cost saving measures that have directly contributed to shareholder value and increased control and efficiencies at some of the largest companies in the world.

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