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Company Overview
SESCO Enterprises is a FERC-registered Power Marketer with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It engages in proprietary trading, primarily focusing on buying and selling certain short-term, liquid electricity products traded in the U.S. wholesale electricity markets, also regulated by the FERC. In addition, the Company utilizes the CFTC-regulated futures markets to trade electricity and other energy futures products.

Since inception in 2002, SESCO’s team has been comprised of individuals with relevant, diverse and complementary backgrounds which include the following:

  • Strong industry domain expertise, inside market knowledge (generation, dispatch, transmission, distribution), and deep understanding of the physical characteristics of the electricity market.
  • Strong fundamental market analysis skills, including in-house meteorologists.
  • Large financial institution expertise in the areas of trading, operations and systems development.
combined managerial experience in these areas exceeds 150 years. Through the combination of exceptional personnel, deep insight in the workings of the U.S. power grids, and integration of advanced technology systems, it has consistently capitalized on opportunities in the power markets since its inception.

Operating Philosophy
At SESCO we are dedicated to operating with the utmost integrity and commitment to ethical conduct. In all of our internal and external working relationships we hold each other to the highest standards of honesty and transparency. We also adhere to all regulatory and professional standards of conduct promulgated by our industry.

We expect a strong sense of commitment and dedication from every member of our staff. Our formula for success is grounded in the belief that, "We are all in this together." As one of our principals has said, "At SESCO, we roll up our sleeves and check our egos at the door." Thus, we cultivate a collegial, informal working environment based on mutual respect and fair treatment, where every employee is valued as a stakeholder and contributor to our success.

We believe that it is this combination of integrity, teamwork, professionalism, and dedication that, in the coming years, will fuel our growth with better returns on capital deployed, larger trading volumes, a varied array of product offerings, and a wider geographic footprint.

SESCO is a conservative trading and risk management company that is capitalized and experienced in providing risk reduction trading strategies that consistently provide a greater than market return on investment for our investors, stakeholders and shareholders. We value the solutions we provide to the markets we participate in and the creativity with which we deliver those solutions. We manage and solve issues the old-fashioned way, through open communication, dedication, perseverance, and the deployment of best practices technological solutions. We respect our relationships with each other, our customers, and the environment in which we work.

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